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In 2021 we tried something a little new.  We have had a few of our creators that have been noticed and been asked to audition or to take on bigger projects since we began, and in the midst of the pandemic....a creator with Muskegon ties came to us asking if we'd consider showing his Michigan based documentary "Heartprints in the Snow" featuring his love of dog sledding and his families history in the sport as amateur mushers.  Well, we aired it on demand and ran it on our sister station Channel 96 Muskegon and low and behold the movie was Emmy Nominated!  Congratulations to Robert Michael!

Flash forward to 2022 and Robert's work at Geepak Entertainment has not slowed down and with the success he brought with a documentary, we thought it only fitting to give one of his fiction productions a try!  "Desperate Measures" is a condensed version of a series currently running on Amazon Prime called "Girl Chill" which is a 5 part series.  In out introduction, Robert explains the plot and the way that a series is reworked into a feature film like this as independent creators like he and the team at Geepak work seeking that first big hit to put themselves on the map. 


Now, on to the show! You can watch "Desperate Measures" on the Muskegon Channel online as well as the Muskegon Channel for Roku and Amazon Fire TV. There are some situation that are recommended for those 13 and older. Relationship stuff and language mostly.  We thought it best to let you know in advance.  It's a fun watch and if you like what you see here, please follow the link to Prime and enjoy the rest of the series.  We're very fortunate to have a partner like Robert and his crew who see what we're doing here and are willing to contribute to be seen.

We began with a dream of retuning local media to Muskegon in a little better way.  More local content, more relevance to our people in the community and to give them the opportunity to share the stories that are important to them and to give them a bigger platform with a little further reach...never did we imagine that Hollywood would come back toward us and say "Take a look at this" and let's see what your audience thinks.  We are proud to present in partnership with Geepak Entertainment - "Desperate Measures" on the Muskegon Channel.  


We'll be keeping our fingers crossed for another Emmy nomination soon!  It's an honor and privilege to be an online content creation company who's grown to the point that the rest of the entertainment industry is taking a second look and saying "What if we tried this.....".  It's working too.  A new audience that might otherwise never get to see what's being made, and think about this....Muskegon's Public Access Channel was nominated for an EMMY AWARD due to smart collaborative work.  Robert....or as we call him "Bobby", we can't thank you enough and we hope to continue to grow right along with ya!