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It was a fun month of working with Yodels Frozen Yogurt in Roosevelt Park and North Muskegon to help them grow their texting program a little and….it would seem that it worked! At the beginning of August we met up with Nic Tong at the Roosevelt Park location to announce the drive, talk a little about the shops and what they offer. From there, we dropped the number and the texting began! It was about a 25% increase in his reach over the month and today, we dropped into the Roosevelt Park shop to make a years worth of Fro-Yo come true…..take a listen! 


So, as the other ice cream shops start to wind down, board up and call it a season just past Labor Day, keep in mind that Yodels is open year round! They offer all kinds of flavors, toppings and treats like the incredible Boba lemonades and teas and that texting program is still open for all the great deals and discounts! Text YODELS to 85775 and you will be in the texting club for great deals and discounts with no hype or pressure!  Enjoy the treats and make sure you support a great local business like Yodels Frozen Yogurt!

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