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Dr. Suess has been an icon of growing up since as long back as I can remember.  Theodore Geisel wrote under the pen name and brought literacy to millions with his rhythmic prose and his approach to the world of fantasy and imagination like no other.  Opening our minds to the idea that "woozles" and "wuzzles" were real and that cats in hats made magic and that Sam I am ate Green eggs and ham!  We all pretty much owe a memory or two to Dr. Seuss.

The Penguin Project is a collaboration between the Muskegon Civic Theater and No More Sidelines and it's an opportunity for kids who might otherwise never get a chance to be a part of a stage production due to a limitation to get their moment under the spotlight and be as big of a star as anyone.  The Muskegon Civic Theater is on hand with "shadow" performers who are there with the actors to assist if needed, maybe with a line....maybe with a place on stage...maybe to learn more about themselves along the way.  Cyndi Blair and Trent Klairter join to talk about the production coming to the Frauenthal Center on September 10th and 11th.


Here's the way it really grabs hold.  If you remember back, No More Sidelines was founded to give a young girl the same opportunities to make friends through sports that any other kid would have.  Autism shouldn't stand in the way of anything so Cyndi Blair took the "if it's to be, it's up to me" approach and began the group.  As time has gone on and the mission has expanded, the message has resounded and inclusion has become so much more than what was originally imagined and more over, the mission has had an even bigger impact on those who have found that being a part of No More Sidelines is really more rewarding than pretty much anything they have tried.

The Muskegon Civic Theater coaches, or "shadow" performers make life long friends out of the young people they are assisting.  The idea of inclusion is a door that is opened a little bit, but when it's allowed to be swung wide open and the full view given, the amount of commonality and love there is to be shared lasts a life time and both involved in the process learn, grow and succeed.  

Tickets are on sale now and seeing this show is a jaw dropping experience.  CLICK HERE to get some.  They are only $13 bucks in advance and the experience is incredible.  The founding of No More Sidelines in Muskegon has been one of our communities biggest accomplishments and speaks volumes of how we take care of one another.  Their innovation and ability to continue to find ways for anyone to fit in where once....they kinda might have had to just be on a "sideline" and cheering....ya, that's yesterday's news.  What an amazing place we call home and an amazing effort to make sure the spotlight is on everyone.