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Dogs sometimes eat poop.  Blucch.  Most have seen it.  Some have had a smooch from Fido right after the occurrence and found themselves a little shocked by what's taken place, some meaning our host Jodi.  To us human kinds, there's not much more disgusting than waste.  The dog however has some reasons for this practice and Jodi is going to outline them for you this week on Dog Blessed.


The eating of waste by a dog could mean any number of things.  From a digestive issues to going back in their genealogy to what they had to do to protect the den from predator's and even the thought of lack of some nutritional things they need causing them to seek out the excrement of other animals,  dogs have a natural instinct to seek out what their body tells them they need.  Jodi explains it here. 


While it might seen highly unnatural, and yes...disgusting....your dog is trying to tell you something.  Something is wrong with their diet, their environment or their situation.  It's time to start investigating what might be causing this problem with your pet care specialist or vet.  As Jodi mentioned, it's one of the more common questions, but due to the nature of the subject, it's not one people tend to bring up much.  Bringing a topic from a whisper to the forefront is what Jodi is doing this month in the effort to let you know that there are reasons that something kind of unthinkable is happening and it's probably not just because you have a dumb dog.  

Jodi's passion is the best life between people and pets.  Her work in person or on here is to advocate for the pest and educate the people.  Dog Blessed is equally a training program too and Jodi and her partner Paula are always coming up with new ways for people to get more involved with their animals and realize the true potential of what a great relationship can bring to all.  You can learn more about Dog Blessed LLC  by visiting their website.  Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel is brought to you by Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dog's Pet Boutique in Grand Haven.

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