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Labor Day comes and goes and while the idea of Party in the Park gets mothballed, the ice does get put down in the hockey barns around town and the deep chill of the winter sets in indoors for those who are ready for some action in Hockeytown West.  Grabbing one of the very first spotlights this year are the Grand Rapids Sledwings who are coming to town on September 18th for a game that will show you that hockey is "every BODY's game."

The Sledwings play adaptive hockey for those who may have a physical disability and not be able to skate in a traditional way.  "So they play hockey in a sled?"  Well, you could call it that....but the sleds are highly specialized and take a little finesse.  They also have spiked sticks to help players get up and down the ice and that shortened stick that isn't far off from being able to hit a slap shot at the same velocity any other player could hit one.   The idea of hockey being a sport for ever BODY is just that.  A little adaptation opened up a world to a lot of people who never imagined they could play a game held dear by millions.  The world got better by a little innovation and compromise.  It was all it took.  The Sledwings have been showing off their stuff for years and the game this weekend will give three different groups a chance to try their brand of hockey.

Chris Cutter is a Para Olympian and has an INCREDIBLE story to tell and his wife Kathy is the General Manager of Lakeshore Sports Centre on Airline Road where the game will be held.  Take a listen. 


Did you realize what just happened?  You were just sitting there thinking that sounds awesome right?  Inclusion just got ya. :)  It's really an awesome experience to see the Sledwings who've run the championship flag up play teams who are learning their brand of hockey.  It's also a great way to spend an afternoon learning a little more and helping out by just being there.  There will be plenty to see and do in and around the actual game and those coming together to make it happen from the GVSU Women's Hockey Team to Guns and Hoses and even the Muskegon Voyagers are all in it for the love of the game, the advancement of the sport and hey, let's face it, the start of hockey season.  Lakeshore Sports Centre is where to be this Sunday!  Doors at 2, Game at 3.  Bring the family out.

lakeshore sports centre