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Cadillac is the benchmark for style and luxury, this we know.  Cadillac is also the forefront of advances in technology and design in the General Motors Family of brands and the newest, most innovative technology that goes in to all GM products probably gets it's start in a Cadillac.  

The XT5 is all of that and then some.  Colby Beckstrom is the tour guide this time and he's got some amazing features to show us....and yes, this time we're going to be letting some of that autonomy that I have not quite been ready for take over a little and show you just how awesome things are today when it comes to advancements in what vehicles can do.  Colby has been with Betten Baker for 6 years after being in the graphic arts and sign business.  Betten Baker's commitment to community and their staff is one of the reasons Colby loves the work and the challenge of keeping his customers in the vehicle that's right for them is his passion.  Jump in. 


It's really got everything you need. A Cadillac XT5 is an ideal first step up into a little more posh vehicle with a price that is not as astronomically out of reach as it might seem on some of today's newer cars and if you step into this vehicle in a lease...you can probably find yourself in an amazing situation at the end of it to purchase it if you want to keep it.  Keep in mind too that Betten Baker has grown to have dealerships all over the state and that means more buying power along with the ability to know what exactly is being manufactured, when it's coming off the line and when they can get it.  If it's on the lot somewhere in Michigan or if it's rolling off an assembly line, Betten Baker will know first hand and will go to the matt to get their customers taken care of.  Colby knows his stuff about cars as does the entire team at Betten Baker and you next new or preowned vehicle should come right from your home town dealer.  Out thanks to Colby for the spin and if you'd like to know more about this car of any of the vehicles at Betten Baker.....CLICK HERE or the image below. 

BettenBaker Muskegon 2020 C location