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It's time to get those taste buds jumpin' on a new episode of Soul Filled with LaKisha Harris from Soul Filled Catering and Private Chef Services.  What began as a coincidental meeting while she was making a dish for the Taste of Muskegon festival while it was "virtual" during the pandemic has turned into LaKisha being a regular member of the Muskegon Channel as a contributor and more over, she's made herself a staple in the Muskegon Community as well as the culinary community helping to bring the favorite dishes of other Chef's to the show and share the spotlight with them.

Today, meet Chef Crystal Williams who's a Muskegon original and spent a little time out in the world perfecting her craft and brought it back home and is now working to open her own place soon.  With the expansion of Muskegon's restaurant scene too, we can't wait.  Crystal is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of Michigan and to scroll down her Facebook page will leave you with you're jaw on the floor.  Just the presentation of her perfection alone is enough to make you beg for more.  She's going to show you how a Cajun shrimp pasta bowl comes together.....brace yourself. 


The shared experience of food is the draw, we all know that. But if you also stop to see what we've got going on here, it's a little bigger.  LaKisha has not only worked to show you the recipes she's famous for, she's rolling in the others who strive to tempt taste buds and look for ways to get the word out.  Mr. Rogers said it best...."Fine the Helpers".  LaKisha is about filling people up in more ways than one and that's what makes her such an incredible part of her industry and our community.  Collaboration along with some competition is a healthy thing to do.  She's balancing them both amazingly.

Now, on to Chef Crystal Williams.  She's most easily reached by email.  If you'd like to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Her FACEBOOK page would be a great way to follow her for some daily offerings from her catering business and of course, you'll find her recipe for the Cajun shrimp pasta bowl below.

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