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If you round the corner at the bottom of the hill in North Muskegon, tucked away right there in the channel is a staple of the Muskegon area. The Bear Lake Tavern (BLT) sits stoically as it has for years welcoming friends and neighbors with the warmth and charm of it's classic surroundings.  Over the last few years it's had a handful of owners,  distinct in their experience in the restaurant business and all equally passionate about making sure the Muskegon landmark and destination dining space remain open for all to enjoy.

The Leestma family came calling looking for an opportunity in town and the BLT was for them.  Husband Ryan is the "landlord" jokes Emily who runs the BLT.  It's time to preserve what's there but add in an element of awesome that's unmatched in Muskegon to my knowledge.  Not many menu changes happened when Emily took over, not many will.  Some of the favorites may come back however.  Take a listen to the plans and meet a very inspiring and driven woman who's passion for community and making something cool happen isn't hard to spot.



A boat up food option with to go beverages is awesome and the idea of cutting down the wait time for customers is brilliant and a great way to save them some time and increase the exposure of the AMAZING food at the BLT.  With the restaurant itself staying open all winter this year, it will be a great way to support them as they get ready for the innovation toward the spring and enjoy the comfortable surroundings of the legendary spot.  The Leestma family is also behind Adalaide Pointe which is in development and will bring stunning new condos, shopping and a really walkable and enjoyable addition to town.  Stay tuned as we see if we can meet up again to learn more about what's going on there!

When you're at the Bear Lake Tavern welcome the Leestma's.  Enjoy a cold one and Tavern Burger famous since 1929 and some of the swag is pretty awesome too.  The new options for service coming next summer will add a layer of ease and convenience and the ownership of a legendary and timeless Muskegon treasure is in great hands yet again with a limitless future in front of it.  So many thanks to Emily who took a moment today to join to talk about the great things happening.