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Welcome back to another episode of Dog Blessed with Jodi Jarvis-Therrian on the the Muskegon Channel, brought to you by Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven.  It's our weekly feature where we let Jodi share her vast wealth of knowledge with you to help you and your pet share the best life possible together.  Some weeks it's just plain fun, others it's practical advice that makes you stop and think "Oh ya, I should have thought of that" while others, it's a peek into some deep know how when it comes to pet care!  This would be one of those deep know how weeks.

What's wrong with your pet?  Like people, there's a million different things that can go wrong, however the inability to speak and articulate what seems to be the trouble is where thigs tend to go south in knowing how to treat people and pets.  It's not because of neglect or being a bad pet parent, it's because since they can't tell you what's wrong, you have to rely on signs and tells that you might not otherwise give much of a thought to.  Behavior changes?  Eating habits?  Potty issues?  Jodi talks about the warning signs as well as an AWESOME way to stay on top of the day to day of the observations.  Take a listen.



It's the time factor that makes the biggest difference in the lack of ability for our pets to communicate with us what's wrong.  If it's an internal and non observable problem with a pet, it can carry on for months occluded.  Not knowing there's an issue leads to a bigger problem in the health of pets like it does people and this is why the routine visits to your Vet are essential as well as proper diet and exercise and of course, that journaling.  You can find the link to The Pet Health Journal on Amazon by CLICKING HERE or the photo below.  Keeping track of things that may seem routine can lead to observing patterns and earlier detection of a problem.  Jodi thinks of it all.  Brilliant to have her here sharing the knowledge with us every week on Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel. 


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