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How would you like one ticket to be a part of all of there is to see and do when it comes to arts and culture in Muskegon County?  Oh, great....$5 Day at the museum?  Not hardly.  In Muskegon, on October 15th, it's going to all be open.  The Lakeshore Museum Center locations, Downtown Muskegon, the White Lake Area, Muskegon Heights, and Muskegon Heights, The Frauenthal....on and on.  You have all day to literally cram it all in for $5!!  GO!

This is an awesome collaboration of encounters in our area!  The Muskegon Arts and Culture Coalition has come together to immerse residents and visitors in all things Muskegon to help foster that depth and reverence for all that we have here.  From the ornate homes of the "Town Founders" Hackley and Hume to the backstage of the newly restored Playhouse at White Lake.  The James Jackson Museum of African American History will be open as will the Nuveen Center.  Consider this the red carpet invite from all corners of our community and a challenge.....to go to one of those corners you might have never been to before.  

Today, Carla Flanders and I were joined by "Girl" Erin Schmitz...more in the video....inside the incredible Hackley House to talk all about this awesome day coming up on October 15th! 


This is not only a great opportunity to get your kids out and get them a little education slipped in as family fun, it's also a great way to do something none of us are really doing all that good of a job at any more.  Visiting one another.  Hey, this is awesome!!  Get out and learn something new for yourself!  You grew up here?  Great, go see the Hackley House through your kids eyes.  Headed out on a color tour yet this year?  White Lake is awesome and you can even swing in to Pub 111, The Gnarley Heifer or Rusty's place Bone Ends.  Get out and engage.  $5 entry  is all it takes to be a part of it all in Muskegon and a lot of really great people came together to pull this off.  Bring some friends...enjoy the fall and all of the rich history and culture we hold in Muskegon.

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