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Jump in!  Power and luxury are being displayed in full force this week as Andrew Stewart and I jump in the cab of this INCREDIBLE powerhouse of a vehicle.  We're taking you for a ride in the GMC AT4HD with a tried and true Duramax 6.6 Liter Diesel in it and going to show you all the bells and whistles in this truck where performance meets power, comfort and durability.  Possibly 300K mile durability!  It's a tremendously incredible vehicle. 

From the first approach, it's a commanding presence inside and out.  The cab sits high up but not uncomfortable for any driver.  The body design and the front end are clearly sending the message of American built to last quality and the design innovations at GM are never ending.  From cameras that let you see almost any angle of the vehicle to cabin comfort and storage that was unimaginable "back in the day", Andrew Stewart is our guide on a ride in and around Muskegon so you too can see the beauty, details and hear for yourself just how quiet a brand new HD GMC truck is.  Let's go! 



WOW!  What a drive and what a great wealth of knowledge in Andrew about this truck!  Think of the versatility and usefulness a vehicle like this provides for work or travel.  If it's a long term investment you are making, make it in something that's going to give you the value you need and the knowledge that it's going to be worth every penny put into it.  Andrew is the guy to see at Betten Baker on Henry Street in Muskegon for this awesome truck.

We'd like to take a second here too and point out something.  Do you see what we're shooting for with these test drives?  Well, it's like this, Betten Baker is a big dealer and getting bigger right?  We love being part of one of Muskegon's biggest success stories.  The reality of it is though they are still the hometown Chevy dealer and as the auto industry has changed so much, we thought it most important to remind ye that it's our friends and neighbors that make up the dealership here in Muskegon still.  Just like it's friends and neighbors that make up the dealership in Lowell or Coopersville or wherever you see a Betten Baker sign.  Only difference this time around is that the GM Giant is growing OUT of Muskegon instead of INTO Muskegon!!  Getting to know the guys selling you the cars....a great way to remind ya that you're still supporting local, even if shopping BIG!  :)

BettenBaker Muskegon 2020 C location