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Hospice can be a frightening word.  End of life can be a frightening thought.  Harbor Hospice has a philosophy.  From their website - "Our goal focuses on the individual’s end-of-life journey — Your Journey on Your Terms –and support for the patient’s family. Harbor Hospice is uniquely qualified to focus on pain control and symptom management for terminally ill people at home or in a home-like setting — it‛s Our Expertise."  Simply put, now one is in pain.  No one is alone and no one has anything but the most comfort and dignity possible.  Those are the quiet moments you don't get to see until Harbor Hospice is needed.

Those fears are rapidly diminished once that those at the end of life and those who are caring for them see the work that Harbor Hospice does for the entire family.  I have had the opportunity to work with Hospice in a couple different ways, and they are truly angels.  Doctors and care givers do however need funding to do their work and while Hospice does find funding from Medicare/Medicade, most insurance, corporate contributors, legacy donations and other sources...they like any other organization have to rely on some elbow grease to fill in the gaps and Oct 22 at Pigeon Hill Beanies Brunch and Brews will be helping in that role!

Amber Wallace and Richard Vanderputte-McPherson joined me today at the Brewers Lounge at Pigeon Hill.  Let's hear more about Harbor Hospice Care and the big fun event coming up to support the amazing work done by Harbor Hospice.


While the mission of Harbor Hospice is one of closure and dignity....the work for those who are still here is what really matters.  The care in the end of life is only part of the mission.  The care for the entire grieving family is what Harbor Hospice is all about and if there's a way to tie in some fun with an incredible purpose, we'll find a way to make it happen in Muskegon.  Pigeon Hill Brewing is the place to be on October 22nd for Beanies (non Beanie Babies as we found in the video)  Brunch and Brews.  Enjoy incredible brunch style food, delicious craft beers and more!  Tickets are AVAILIABLE HERE.  

The mission is so important and the time that Harbor Hospice Care might be needed for you or a loved one....it's priceless.  Please, consider a great Saturday at Pigeon Hill's Brewers Lounge in your beanie for some brunch and brews.