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It's a great day to talk dogs, but then again, a lot of people would agree that any day is a good day to talk dogs.  Jodi Jarvis-Therrian is here to do just that with an experts twist and some good old plain English and in a way that's all friendly and neighborly and everything!

This week, we're talking about socialization again.   There are definite ways that can benefit you and your dog to some situations that might seem foreign to them at first but if approached properly and with some positive reinforcement can be a game changer in the development of your pet's behavior as well as in the development of the relationship of you and your pet.  Think of things with a pet like you would a human.  Is walking into a new room intimidating for you?  Might be for your pet too.  How about new people?  New pets might be sending off vibes among pets.  How about a trainer for your pet?  Do the personalities all align?  Jodi gets right to it.



Approaching a pets social skills is not really much different than approaching your own stuff.  Everyone has their own pace and everyone also has their limits.  We can't directly communicate with our pets, especially when a relationship with them is new.  Jodi and her team at Dog Blessed are masters at helping people and pets live their best lives together and the simple strategies laid out here carry over in to her in person and online classes you can always learn more about on her website Dog Blessed!

We also can't do this without the amazing support of sponsors like Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dog's Boutique in Grand Haven.  Wait till you see where the road takes us over the next few weeks!!  We'll "See ya next time"

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