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We're back in the kitchen of L'Soul Filled Catering and Private Chef Services for another Soul Filled cooking demo that's sure to leave your mouth watering and will also introduce you to an amazingly talented chef you may have not heard of otherwise.


Chef Thome Ellis is billed as "THEEEE" Chef by LaKisha Harris for his culinary expertise as well as his dedication to community.  He's part of his churches team that puts on the meals for those who like to join for the fellowship as well as a member of the community younger people look to for a little of that wisdom that seems to be a bit of a lost art on the younger generations.  The wisdom comes from not only experience in the kitchen, but life as Chef Thome is also a culinary instructor and has helped usher in the careers of many aspiring chef as well as teach your people some staples on cooking for themselves.

Chef Thome is rocking out some delicious chicken thighs to get this weeks recipe rockin'.....Cajun Chicken Mac and Cheese.....let's get cooking with L'Soul!



Notice how the cheese drips? Mouth watering right? It's sposed to be!! Now the fun part!  You get to make it!!  Included below is the recipe straight from the kitchen of Chef Thome to you and your family can eat on the cheap tonight because Chef LaKisha always plans the shows on a budget!  It was a great honor to welcome Thome Ellis to the show and we'll look forward to seeing you next time on Soul Filled!

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