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Don't be a Grinch!  Sure the title says "Have yourself a salty little Christmas" but hopefully by now you know that we don't mind taking a little artistic license with titles and what not to grab your attention.  When it comes to making sure that Every Woman's Place is taken care of too.  The Salty Pecker Brewing Company reached out and said that they'd very much like to bring a little holiday cheer into the lives of some folks that might be able to use a bright spot and when they called and asked if we'd be interested.....why yes we would.

If you've not been to the Salty Pecker Brewery, we've got quite a story here.  After a couple of swings and misses in the building, and life aligning for Derek and Jennifer Olsen to be able to take the leap from hobby brewers into the brewing business, they went all in on it and took the leap of faith.  A cool name, great location and variety of beers, ciders and seltzers later and just over a year in business....we're seeing yet another flag planted in Muskegon by two people who said "yes we can".  Hard work and dedication paid off and to return some of that is the goal this holiday season.

From now until December 17th you can being a new or gently used unwrapped toy to the Salty Pecker Brewery and get $4 bucks off the bill!  The toys will be collected and presented to those in the Every Woman's Place shelter.  Kids and teens are both there, so let's not forget that older kids can use a little holiday fun too.  On December 17th, join us for a nice happy hour gathering with some live music, munchies and fun as those who may or may not have a holiday gather spot will for sure....and we can all do our part to help a kid or two out.

Meet Derek and Jennifer.



If you are alone or with someone.....there's no reason at all to be salty around the holidays. After all....the holidays are a time when it's really not about "us" it's about others and if you are one of those who might not fit in or could use a way to do something for someone and not need the fanfare and exposure that comes with giving on some levels, you can just grab yourself a toy for the drive going on at the Salty Pecker Brewing Company and grab yourself one of their tasty crafted brews on the cheap as their way of saying thanks.  If for nothing else, stop in there and see the GIANT map of the ocean floor!  Talk about an eye grabber! 

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