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It was about a year ago that we began with the idea that adding a weekly segment produced locally about pets would be a thought.  It was an idea that stemmed from a viewer that suggested a friend who was passionate about pets and that she might have some ideas to share about food safety. Since then, almost 20k have watched the video presentations and hundreds tune in weekly.  We're proud to have Jodi as well as Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique.  Thanks to the CBD Store in Fremont too for being here at the beginning.

This week, we circle back to where it kind of began in the fist place as a refresher with some added toughts. Food around the holidays is always a big part of the fun.  Quite often, we praise our pets with food too and that can be part of the fun or the problem depending on the situation with you and your pet.  Pets have different dietary needs than we do and some of the foods we enjoy, they cannot.  We also have to consider some of the things we might not otherwise like a sharp can if a pet gets into a garbage can when people are busy with guests or the possibility of them finding a bone they could choke on.  How about a kid who might think feeding a pet a "treat" is fun, but doesn't know it might make them sick?

Lot's of things to think about and LOTS of great alternatives too for the added enjoyment of one and all in the feasting of Thanksgiving with Jodi and Olaf this week on Dog Blessed. 


Let the eating commence and let's make sure our pets are all delightfully full and entertained too.  Pets are part of the family and they want to be part of the fun.  It's on you to understand that making sure that you put their best interests first and that you think in the place of the excited pet as well as the guests who might not understand your pet parenting methods in advance so that everyone can have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

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