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It's an honor never bestowed upon anyone before and when we were given the chance to show the America's Tallest Signing Christmas Tree with the Mona Shores Choir & Orchestra a couple of years ago for the first time live while it was happening we were honored, excited and staggered at the same time about the scale of the task we had on hand.  Watch America's Tallest Singing Christmas Tree Live SAT DEC 03 , 2022 7:00PM ET via MuskegonChannel.com/Live or the backup stream at Youtube.

The Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree is so much more than a holiday production by a school.  At Mona Shores, being in the choir program is one of the essentials of the culture in the school.  It's the "thing to do" and it's a family tradition as well with generations sharing their stories in the tree, none of them so much as even forgetting where they stood. 

We approached with the idea, and at the time, yep....it was biting off more than we could chew.  Growth opportunities like this don't present themselves and our Director Derek Wong didn't blink on his debut grand scale event.  Every continent on earth at one point during year one of our broadcast tuned in.  All eyes on our kids, our community and our belief in all of us.  

Last year, it was our first Emmy run.  Yes, we submitted for an Emmy Award and like anything, it's a learning curve.  So, as we take the shot at the big award again, we invite you to tune in on Saturday December 3rd at 7p we invite you to see it live with us if you don't have tickets.  We'll be streaming the show live on the Muskegon Channel website and if you have your computer hooked into your TV, it's an amazing way to see it. THERE ARE STILL TICKETS TO SEE IT LIVE!

After that, the show sits dark for a couple weeks and we'll bring it back for the whole world to see again.  We'll have the Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree available over Christmas and New Years on the Muskegon Channel online and on Amazon Fire TV as well as Roku.  If you have either of those devices, the Muskegon Channel is available and is a free download.  We will also have over the air running's of the show on Comcast Cable Channel 96.  Stay tuned for the dates and times.

For now, let's take you back to 2018 and enjoy a quick little something festive!  See you at the Frauenthal Center or, we'll see you on demand Saturday.



It's an investment in our future. We are stewards of our community and we firmly believe that celebrating youth and showing the world exactly who we are getting ready to add to the planet.  To bring this amazing presentation to those who cannot make the show or those who may want to enjoy it from their home is our grandest event every year and it's with humble pride we invite you to join us Saturday, December 3rd at 7p.