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Community Choice Credit Union is the place in town known for giving big.  The 1000 plus back to school backpack giveaways should be more than enough for any community, but...they don't stop there.  In Muskegon and all over the State of Michigan, Community Choice Credit Union focuses on interaction with the people and the causes that mean something to them as their marketing push instead of TV ads every 30 seconds.  "Find the helpers" is a good rule of thumb in any community and Community Choice Credit Union helps with $5000 scholarships, donations to Every Woman's Place, Child Abuse Council, buying supplies for area teachers and of course, the community days at the member centers!

In December, the Community Day is taking a field trip to Celebration Cinema Cinema Carousel on Grand Haven Road for a showing of Disney's holiday release "Strange World" at 7p.  Tickets are free on a first come first serve basis and they include a pop and popcorn combo for you to enjoy and with those free refills at Celebration Cinema, it's a bottomless drink.  A movie is a premium experience anymore for an entertainment option and for some, it's a bit much.  Celebration Cinema however has gone so far above and beyond the gold standard when it comes to amenities like the reclining seats, sound, projection and more.  West Michigan has always had the best of the best with the Loeks Family. 

You'll need to be at the theater on December 13th by 6 or so.  Tickets are limited and first come first serve.  Yes, waiting around is tough on kids so the Muskegon Channel is going to add to the fun.  We're going to splurge and open up the Carousel to any kids 16 and under that want a ride.  We'll take care of the tickets, let's get the kinda a spin and have some fun while we have ya.  This will be a free night out for the whole family unless the kids get you for the candy crane.  

Ethan Lohman is the Member Center Manager at the Western Avenue location and the holiday movie is his branches outreach to the community!  We met up to talk about the GIVE BIG promotion for December and among the Christmas Tree and the Toys for Tots box he lays it all out for us.  Take a listen. 



Let's do it! Let's all enjoy a night out at the movies and think about the gift being given as more than just a movie.  It's an experience.  It's a night out as a family and it's a chance for friends and neighbors to get together and enjoy some traditional family fun.  Plus, this time of year...you get to see all the good sneak previews and who doesn't just love Disney's holiday release anyway?

December 13th!!  Let's see you there about 6 to get the fun started and we'll get everyone seated for the show at 7.  Put your money where your mouth is.  GIVE BIG!  Two theaters of fun courtesy of Community Choice Credit Union at Celebration Cinema!