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With the fun of the holidays getting into full swing, it's time to stop and think it over a little about those furry critters that keep us warm at night and light up our lives.  They like to party too and with all the fun of everyone coming over and maybe an extra treat here or there.  We have to remember tho, all of this fun can lead to some unexpected results if you don't plan ahead and use some precaution.  Jodi is full of ideas and experience to share with you this week when it comes to the safety and fun you need with pets over the holidays! 

What is second had to us, might look like a Jungle Jim to a cat.  Tree climbers are everywhere.  We all had a pretty good laugh at the scene in "Christmas Vacation" when the cat chewed up the strand of lights....did you know that really happens and that a pet can suffer fatal effects after the incident leaving people to wonder what happened?  The food that's around.  Booze in the house?  What about decorations and floral arrangements?  All things to consider when it comes to the care of your pets. It's an awful lot to consider, but as they say....an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Take a listen. 


Like a lot of our shows that offer some of the ideas around best practices and safety, these are provided for your knowledge.  Jodi's passion for helping people and pets live their best lives together is what Dog Blessed is all about and the show here is an introduction to her work and an outreach to you!  Jodi offers group classes and training opportunities through Dog Blessed and you can always visit her online there to learn more.  We are really thankful to Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven as well as Clock Timeless Pets for their support of the show.Clocks TimelessPets


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