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We're pretty fortunate to have some connections in and around the country and one of them came with Sara Martinez who does some voice work for us introducing us to Katie Leigh.  Katie is a voice over artist and actor and while the name might not quite jump out at you, well...everything else will quickly.

Katie and her husband Vinny Jaey who is originally from Muskegon are in town for the holidays and as a stop gap, Katie gave me a shout to see if the need arises that she could get to a recording studio.  It's only a simple professional courtesy to me of course, if I were out of town and needed to record something quick, I'd hope for a hand too.  Easy enough.  While Katie didn't have the need to send any work out, they did drop by and we figured why not give a little nudge to her event in Holland Wednesday Dec 28th where there will be a story time with her expert narration and a story writing workshop with the author of the book "The Girl Who Wore Freedom", PeggySue Wells.  It's a great chance to expose kids to some literacy as well as a chance to meet one of those "behind the scenes" voices that made being a kid so awesome.

Voices?  Well, Richie Rich is on the resume as are Muppet Babies, Doc McStuffins, Get Blake, Darkwing Duck, Totally Spies, Babe, Pig in the City and of course Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom... and her current character "Connie Kendall" who's one of the stars of "Adventures in Odyssey" which is a radio drama of biblical principles of life through faith fun and imagination produced by Focus on the Family.  A career in voice work leads to a unique fan base as well as opportunities to see and do things that most can only imagine and with Vinney"s role in the KISS tribute band Kissed ALIVE, this couple sure has some stories to share.  Take a listen.


Pretty cool to have a Hollywood voice talent just drop by and with another KISS fan in tow, well, we had plenty showing off and tall tales to share.  What a treat.  Here's where the rubber hits the road though.  If you're already in those holiday doldrums, by Wednesday, the roads will be clear and Holland is a short shot down the road.  Head on down with the kids for a great story and work shop and give them a memory they won't soon forget and yourself a chance to meet one of the spectacular memories of your childhood in person and, take the chance to say thanks...after all, behind those characters brought to life for your enjoyment....is the heart of a person who's gift it is to provide you that moment of joy you're seeking!  Thanks to Katie and Vinny for the visit while they were home. 

Here's the info on Katie's appearance in Holland tomorrow!  Enjoy with the kids.  

ketie leigh


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