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Welcome to an episode of Dog Blessed that we'd rather not have to do. Jodi is here this week to talk about a serious, and scary issue for any pet owner heartworm. Her pal Olaf has to deal with this parasitic foot long creepy thing that lives in the heart and lungs of the host animals it infects and if left untreated, well....

This is a frank discussion about what are the signs of a dog having heartworm? What are the things to look for as well as what are the treatment options. How about treating a problem and the chance of recurrence or what if you need to speak to your vet about specific treatments for heartworm, or any other serious issue your pet might face, and have a disagreement on a treatment path? Jodi is a polished pro at speaking with a vet on the care of animals.

One thing that's exceptional about this weeks episode? It's a great chance to get the information you need minus the pressure you might experience if you are in an emergency situation with your pet. Now is the time to learn about the signs of heartworm as well as some of what might pop up. Now is the time to understand the treatment options and how to best address the different ways with a vet and it's always the time to take the best advice there is from people who dedicate their lives to helping people and pets, live their best lives together. Take a listen.


There are some episodes dedicated to fun, some dedicated to the serious stuff. Having a pet is a lifelong relationship, right. There are ups and downs in that kind of relationship just like any other. It's in the proper management of those relationships that we bring out the best in ourselves and those around us, even the furry ones with four legs. Our thanks to Clock Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique for their sponsorship of Dog Blessed.

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