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The holidays have come and gone.  Even the stuff you didn't want is all back where it came from or, maybe it's on a palate wanting for Fred at BGRH Liquidators.  We're not quite ready to jump into Muskegon Lake for Special Olympics yet and Saint Patrick's Day seems like a million years away.  Someone, somewhere....come up with something....QUICK!

We're a community that sees a hole and fills it, and generally we find an amazing way to help along with some fun.  Introducing "Hair of the Dog" to benefit Pound Buddies.  It's happening at Pound Buddies on Laketon January 21st beginning at 11am.  Outdoor physical fun in a three person winter challenge where your amazing abilities in cornhole, tug of war and a three legged race will be put to the test.  They are almost Olympic sports already so you can be assured that you're donation to enter is confirmation that you are all about athletics.  

The push is actually to help benefit the work at Pound Buddies.  Animal Shelters can always use a hand as they work to find forever homes. Pound Buddies has transitioned from a tiny, cramped building that was well past it's lifespan.  Hughes Builders helped with a new location for the shelter and the expansive new complex has grown.  You'll be able to see the facility as well as some of the beautiful faces waiting for you while you're there and in the spirit of fun, bring some friends out to be a part of it all!  Who says we can't have just as much fun on the east side of town as the west?

Becky Biesiada is a pretty familiar face to everyone here at the Muskegon Channel from Fit and Healthy With Becky.  She's in her Nexes Realty hat today though along with Kali Schram from VanDyk Mortgage are joining me to talk about the event, the fun and the purpose.  Take a listen.



Let's do it!  Say what you want about Muskegon, but there is simply no denying that we are masters of creating something fun with purpose to help those who need a hand.  Sure we have a couple weeks to figure out what the weather is going to be, but who cares?  We'll be in Speedo's a few weeks after that jumping into a lake so gather up your team of 3 who are 21 or older and get yourself signed up to be a part of the fun to benefit Pound Buddies.  We'll plan on seeing you there!  CLICK HERE to head to the Eventbrite registration page.  You can also scan the QR code below. 

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