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We've found our winner for the $1000 Muskegon Channel newsletter signup give away!

As we have added 1000 more people in our newsletter subscription, we followed through with picking a random winner, meet Alexis! While the giveaway event is over, please still consider sign up for our newsletter, your continue support is why we do what we do.

 *Make sure you find the confirmation email and verify after you submitted the form below.


With the ever evolving ways social media works, we need a more direct path to provide a way for us to get the Muskegon Channel, Channel 96 and Positively Muskegon directly to you. Quite honestly, there's no better way to put that than as transparently as we can, and since we're in the business of asking people to invest with us to get the word out, we're doing exactly the same.

We absolutely love our pages and groups on social media. Make no mistake. We also have a much better reach than most and it's an incredible advantage.  We do struggle to reach what we did at one point organically and that is the nature of anything.  As the value of our pages goes up, so does the demand of those who help us get the word out.  Well, we'd like to get a little more cozy locally and get the news to you.  

We publish a newsletter every other week or so of the stories and programs that have come out of our camp.  It's never been and never will be a barrage of constant emails clogging up your inbox.  It's just not our way.  I can't and won't promise that if we get offered a chance to throw you an exceptional deal through an email we won't take it, but it's going to have to be good.  We won't spam ya, ever....that's my solemn vow.

How do we get you?  I have $1000 bucks to spend!  When we get to 1000 new email subscribers, we're going to give it away.  Current subscribers are included in this first round, we won't leave you out.  It's as simple as that.  Right there below....you'll find the link to sign up.  We're paying a buck a piece to get an email.  It's as simple as that. 

Thank you for helping us grow a little and stay in better touch.  2023 is going to be a big year.  Who would have ever imagined we'd be kicking it off with a cash giveaway?  We are so thankful to this amazing community for all we have!  Get yourself signed up and let's give someone a nice start to the year.  Andy O