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If you hear the pitter-patter of little feet, chances are it’s the sound of a little tyke or fur-baby scampering around the house; except if you’re in a haunted house. Then it could very well be a ghost dog chasing a specter ball or some other spooky shenanigans going on. This is what Jennifer Millering encountered when she and her husband, Matt, went ghost-hunting recently. Jennifer is an amateur ghost-hunter who says she loves learning about the unknown and going on adventures to haunted places. I met Jennifer a few months back at a “Haunted Muskegon” book signing. We got to chatting and Jen related that she has had some pretty spooky experiences while ghost-hunting. We love ghost stories here at Paranormal Muskegon, so of course we asked her to share them with us.

Jen relates that she has always been fascinated by anything paranormal, mysterious or unexplainable ever since she was young. She says she is empathic and has felt presences and energies in places where she has lived or while traveling. While she admits that she has never seen anything visibly tangible of the paranormal sort, she has captured anomalous things on camera or sensed energies empathically. She believes there are a lot of things in our world that we don’t know about, so it’s important to keep an open mind about such things. She and her husband love to explore different places around Michigan as well as in other states that are historic or said to be haunted or historic, including the Whitney restaurant in Detroit, reputed to be one of the most haunted places in America. The Whitney was formerly a mansion built by David Whitney as a family home but due to the death of Flora; his wife and the death of her sister, Sara, whom he later married.

Another one of their ghost-hunting trips was to Grand Traverse Commons; which was formerly the Traverse City State Hospital. Here she managed to capture some pretty strange anomalies on camera. Because this was a flashlight tour, it was completely dark; with only the light from their phone flashlight to light their way. that made the whole experience a bit eerie right there; but Jen says they also experienced other strange things like orbs, cold drafts, a sense of heaviness in some places. While in the tunnel that runs beneath the main building, she took a photo of the orbs. In the attic of the former Women's Cottage another photo, she captured some weird light anomalies. Even weirder; in the former Men's Cottage directly behind the main building which had been renovated; she snapped a photo of what appeared to be the shadowy apparition of a man appearing to lean against the wall.

She wasn’t aware of this ghostly figure in the photo until later on when she was going through her photos.

Jen says this photo made a big impression on her. She says she can see a figure in the back right corner that looks like a person wearing a blue shirt but that the feet look “wispy or kinda misty. I can see the head and it looks like it's looking my way.” I don’t know about you; but seeing an apparition staring at me would have the hair standing up on my head; if it didn’t have me running for the exit. If you could find your way out, that is. It was completely dark in this room as the Men’s Cottage was without electricity or lights during the flashlight tour. This was in a building where a lot of paranormal activity is said to occur, according to the tour guides. The rest of the tour group was in different rooms of the basement of the Men's Cottage at the time.


Paranormal Muskegon is grateful that Jen was kind enough to share some of her amazing ghost-hunting adventures with us. Jen says she is currently writing about her ghost-hunting explorations. We loved hearing them and wish her well on her future explorations as well as her writing.


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