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It's a Sunday morning and what better way to slide into the day than with a visit with Jodi Jarvis-Therrian.  The "other half" of Dog Blessed is joining Jodi today, Paula Smith is here for double the know how when it comes to helping pets and owners live their best lives together.

This week Jodi and Paula are discussing first aid for your pets.  It's an abrupt wake up call if a pet is suddenly injured or sick.  The relationship between pets and people, it's sacred...we all know that.  It's in the preparation and expectation of the "unexpected" that we're able to get the basics done should a pet need a hand.  Imagine a bad cut?  Vomiting?  We've all seen the dog shaming pics on social media of who ran in to a porcupine or got skunked.  The "bad dog" idea is there for sure, but like anyone, we feel sad, helpless and wish we could take away the pain.

Jodi and Paula spend a good amount of time this week talking about past experiences they have shared as well as some of the things you may have not know about when it comes to first aid for your pet, and where you can find them!  You have almost a half an hour here with two seasoned pros in pets...it's a great week to pay very close attention.  


An ounce of prevention and preparation is a good thing and to know that it's applicable to pets too, that's the cream. Jodi and Paula work as a team to help you and your pet live a better life as a team.  It's as simple as that.  You can always learn more about their work at DOG BLESSED by visiting them online.  We'd like to thank CLOCK TIMELESS PETS and MUST LOVE DOGS PET BOUTIQUE in Grand Haven.

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