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Since our beginning, the mission has been to share the narrative of Muskegon in our own words.  Trusting our story to anyone other than those who live here isn't in the best interest of us all.  We are a unique, diverse and genuinely great community that needs the same or more attention shared about what's happening as we grow.

We are honored and humbled to have built our work over the years.  This has come with the investment in us by the growth of our staff, the community investing in us and the people seeking us out as their source for entertainment and information about Muskegon.  If you remember way back....at one point, it was a one camera GoPro.  That tiny camera is still part of the show.

We took a shot last year and submitted one entry for an Emmy Award.  We whispered it around to some, but kept it kinda quiet because we didn't know what to expect.  This year, well....we're pretty amazed at some of the work put out and we're just going to tell ya.  Our congratulations to Derek Wong who's the lead on these projects and our thanks to the awesome people who assisted on cameras and editing.

emmy entries2


We are proud to be among so many other great creators.  We're even more proud to be in the middle of all of them saying "Look at Muskegon".  We'll know in May if we make it in to the judging round!  Keep your fingers crossed for us.