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Jodi and her BFF Paula Smith are back together this week for another 1-2 punch on pet health and happy lives!  They are the dynamic duo that make up Dog Blessed and the goal is as simple as it can be.  Combine talents, knowledge and resources to help people and pets live their best lives together.

This week.  Jodi and Paula are talking about herbal treatments for your pets.  Like people there's not always a one size fits all for pets when it comes to treating ailments.  Some believe in the power of natural herbals to help supplement their diet.  It can be anything from help for joints and muscles, to heart health to the calming effects that some get from CBD products.  These products are made for pets too, but there needs to be some understanding to them and potential interactions that may come with their use.  Like most anything else that is available, there's a flood of information out there.  So much so that Jodi and Paula have spent the time to get to understand what they can and are sharing some of that info with you.

Pet care or personal care?  Well, decisions are up to you.  A Dr. or Vet versus an herbalist?  Maybe a combination of both?  Medical choices are just that.  Information here is presented to inform.  Knowledge is power they used to say on Saturday morning tv, and while it's a Sunday.... here's some knowledge for you from some women who hope to help you make informed decisions. 

Special program note...this is the last time you'll be seeing Izzy from the Muskegon Humane Society.  While we recorded this show a few weeks ago....Izzy has found her forever home and we thought maybe one last peek would do your heart good. 



An observational moment? How'd you like to be Olaf or Pepper?  That's the life huh?  A couple of champions living the life, but they are workers too.  They help Jodi and Paula learn, grow and be a part of the program to spread the wealth of knowledge and joy they have for pets and that carries on to others.  Dog Blessed is all about helping you improve the quality of life for you and your pet and they offer anything from basic training to classes in agility and competition.  We are also remarkably thankful for the sponsors of the program, Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven.  

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