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Jodi and Paula are back again today to discuss something that's fun, engaging and a great way to keep your pet stimulated.  We all know that a dogs nose is much more sensitive than a humans.  Rough estimates place the sensitivity of smelling for a dog between 1000-10,000 times stronger than us and that gives a do a very unique perspective on the world and opens them up to a world of things that make them indispensable.

We've all seen the work that goes on by dogs who can sniff out drugs.  One of the first members of law enforcement called in in a bomb threat...you know it's a dog.  There are even some who have said that their dog smelled smoke and alerted the family of danger and some too have said that their dog sniffed out cancer in them.  There are more visceral needs for a dog's whiffer too like finding food or even a mate.  These go WAT back in the DNA of the animal.  All of this ahead, imagine the life of some dogs today and then imagine if you could ignite all of the uses for that snout and make it an adventure?

Jodi and Paula are discussing just that.  From the benefits that their dogs and other competitive dogs get from their work in scents...to the time it helps them to bond with their pets, learning scent work is a great way to stick to the core mission of what Dog Blesses is all about.  Helping people and pets live their best lives together.  Have a listen to their discussion this week and learn just how much fun and purpose is behind scent work.  


What's that smell? Oh ya....that's the smell of you knowing a little more and having a better understanding of the importance of engaging with your pet, and other pet owners too.  Helping a dog stay occupied is a key factor in their overall well being.  From some of what Jodi has shown you before when it comes to ways to feed your dog to some better ways to walk your dog and involve the environment around them, like most anything else, sharing knowledge is the key to a better community and sharing is what Jodi is all about when it comes to pets!  

Our thanks to Must Love Dogs Boutique in Grand Haven and Clock's Timeless Pets for their support of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel.

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