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15 years of Dancing With The Local Stars now in Muskegon and the team at Betten Baker Chevrolet on Henry Street are in big for the event in more ways than one.  You'd kind of expect that from them though.  40 Years of Betten in Muskegon has put them in the remarkable place of being able to be a leader in giving back to local programs that aid the quality of life for so many here in Muskegon and to know that we're a very proud partner of theirs, it's a big deal.

Dancing With the Local Stars is put on by the Women's Division Chamber of Commerce and have contributed $1.5 Million dollars to local food panties through their work.  It's a perfect partnership for Betten Baker too as they are able to get in there with the size of their staff as well as their footprint to help raise money and awareness, but Betten Baker has a secret weapon too.  Maria Secord is their Social Media Manager as well as their over all magical doer of all things.  She's in the competition this year with an all female dance group and part of the preliminary fun are some events to raise a few bucks in advance!  You can stop in and see her at the dealership to make a donation if you'd like! 

Betten Baker is also going to be doing an outreach that the community will help decide beginning on February 17th!  The work with Every Woman's Place, Stand Up for the Cure, Party in the Park and more...all of this adds to to staggering amounts of money for one, but the exposure that these events get through Betten's outreach is worth it's weight in gold!  Stay tuned for details on that and we'll be figuring on a visit across the street too pretty soon, because Betten Hyundai is soon to be doing a drive for our area veterans, and we won't be missing that.

Maria Secord and I had a chance to catch up on all that's coming up at Betten Baker, take a listen. 



We're proud to help usher in the 40th year of Betten Baker in Muskegon and to have seen the phenomenal growth they have undergone in those 40 years...what an accomplishment.  I have been here for about 20 of those years, an to have watched that end of Henry Street along transform as Betten Baker has added brands, buildings and bolstered their buying power to help those in need of a car in Muskegon get the best deal possible has been nothing short of breath taking.  Add in their deep commitment to giving back and providing the best in customer service before and after the sale....it's easy to see why the growth and the success continue!  


BettenBaker Muskegon 2020 C location