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The only thing that's constant in life is change, and with the new year comes a new name and a new outlook for the Muskegon Humane Society!  Jodi Jarvis-Therrian  is an advocate for all pets and shelters of course, but the place nearest and dearest to her is announcing a name change with the new year to help reflect some of the other moves they have made and to embrace the larger purpose they serve.

The Muskegon Humane Society is changing their name to Big Lake Humane Society with the new year.  It's to work hand in hand with the acquisition of the Pay it Forward Animal Clinic that they closed off in 2022 and the name also reflects the idea that they serve much more than just Muskegon.  Another aspect of the "Humane Society" name is that Big Lake Humane is a stand along organization run by donations, grants and volunteers.  The humane society name often comes with the idea that there's a national charter or some kind of local funding behind the organization and there is not here.  Like most anything else in Muskegon, it's grit, guts and sacrifice that keep these pets taken care of until they find their forever home.

Both Big Lake Humane and the Big Lake Animal Clinic are in need of a staff Veterinarian.  They can also use a hand with the normal day to day things all shelters and low cost vet clinics need.  Supplies, cleaners, food for the food pantry for pets.  They could probably use a few fans of furries that can walk dogs and feed them when it's time too.  It's a community effort that makes up almost every animal rescue from coast to coast and while they all have their outward face to the public, they also work in concert together to make sure that the needs of the animals are met.  It's an amazing network of good and giving people.

Alexis Robertson is the Executive Director of the Big Lake Humane Society.  Jodi meets up with her at the clinic for the announcement.



It's a pretty cool new name and a pretty good outlook on the future of both the clinic and the shelter! To know that so much work goes on and the community continues to be a part of the care and preservation of the most vulnerable among us speaks volumes to the dedication we all share. 

You may have heard mention of the Bissell Pet Foundation "Empty the Shelters" event.  CLICK HERE to learn more about that program!   To visit BIG LAKE HUMANE SOCIETY ONLINE CLICK HERE

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