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As we gather the steam back we had and our contributors come back with all they had to offer, Marie Cisneros who's our Paranormal Muskegon reporter and author of Haunted Muskegon is back to offering her Astrological Forecast, Muskegon By the Stars.  

Much like you'd find in the paper back in the day, the Zodiac Signs are a way for some to interpret feelings, emotions and actions.  To others, they are an entertaining bunch of coincidences.  However you view them, Marie has been reading the Zodiac for years and presents the story here with us monthly! 

February is over half way!  Let's find out what's happening in Muskegon By the Stars! 


There you have it.  Believe or just here for the entertainment, Marie is just fascinated by the supernatural, the ancients, the mystical, the artful and the unique.  The horoscope readings are just a part of her talents and she's currently working on her second book!  Stay tuned for details on that!  Haunted Muskegon is out now and she's also got book signings popping up so to follow her on Facebook is a good idea or to pick up a copy, yo can find it online HERE, or click on the image below.

haunted muskegon pic