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Dog Blessed is always on a mission to make sure that you have the knowledge and the resources to help you and your pet live your best life together.  This includes all aspects of that relationship including the very beginning of it, especially if you find your new forever friend in a shelter.  We all know that it's the best thing to do to help an animal out of a situation they never planned on being in, but there's more to a pet adoption than signing some papers, jumping in the car and heading home.  

This week, Jodi begins with a few things that have inspired her topic.  What some winter projects and viewing options have gotten her mind around is the adaptiveness of pets to new surroundings and the time it takes for them to assimilate to their new place.  Pet have a memory too, and the journey through a shelter and into a new home can take some adjusting.  She's discussing that even three years into her time with her buddy Olaf, he's still showing bits and pieces of who he "really" is and it's in that emergence of his personality that the reward continues to grow.

To bring in a new member of the family to any situation takes a little time.  Imagine yourself going somewhere completely new, and in as much as it's really nice and there are plenty of good things there to be had....it's all different and change takes time to adapt to.  Jodi explains some really great rules of thumb to go by as well as shares some of her favorite indoor wintertime watches and reads.  Take a listen.


Taking that time to be patient and bring in a level of understanding from a personal view point is a helpful way to approach a pet coming into your home.  If it were you...would you be completely at ease right off the bat?  Chances are, probably not.  Take Jodi's advice and give that relationship the time and grace needed to develop that bond and secure that long term relationship that's been missing in your pets life.  That's where the reward begins to bear fruit and when you can find that special bond that so many others can't live without.

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