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We got the February show in the books on a Thusday night when the weather could have played a factor, but over all it didn't make a dent and outside of a new mic and a little switcheroo we needed to do, it was an amazing night of conversation and entertainment as people enjoyed the hand crafter cocktails at Burl and Sprig and the amazingly delicious food that Cajun Cuisine by the US Café provides.



The guest list includes Attorney Shon Cook who's been a ling time sponsor of all of our work and has recently rebranded her law firm to be called Tabono Law.  The inspiration of the name and the purpose behind it are part of an amazing journey that almost never was... Shon found her way into the legal field through a scholarship and an advisor at school.  It's been quite a story.  Bob Scolnik was next to join and as his time as an entrepreneur and County Commissioner have given way to retirement, Bob talks about his path to success and his leadership role in the changing face of today's political environment.  There's plenty of fun with Bob just being "Bob" too.  His sense of humor and style come through very well.  Kristina Broughton from the Muskegon Museum of Art talks about the exhibits currently on display as well as what some of the favorites of the past have been and what to expect.  As a special treat, Greg Rice plays us out with a couple of acoustic numbers and a little accompanying back up vocals from Shon Cook!

We're always super thankful for a great night filled with guests that have a lot to offer, food and libation from one of the premiere destinations in town and a crew dedicated to getting the whole show up and rolling from nothing every month.  We begin the build about 4pm and wrap up about 9 with packing up, and it's worth every second of it.  We have a new story to tell.....we stand on that idea.  Here's the February edition of Muskegon Tonight Live!

A great line up, plenty to talk about and more proof that Muskegon....and the people in it are incredible and have so much to offer. Who knew the vocal prowess of an attorney?  We do our best to keep it entertaining for sure, but there are topics that do come up and need to be talked about.  Having the array of guests we do as well gives us a pretty broad view over the generations and perspectives.  We're in the process of booking the March show right now and we'll have the reserved guest list up for free tickets soon along with our list of guests!!  

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