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In Muskegon, we've perfected the idea of putting some purpose behind what's considered fun and no matter the time of the year, blending the good times with adding to the assistance of those who work to improve the lives of others is always in fashion.  One of the groups behind a lot of the purposed based fun is JCI of Greater Muskegon and their decades of involvement of helping young professionals grow, network and learn how to better be a part of a vital and thriving community continues to be a driving force.

St. Patrick's Day isn't far off, and with the official holiday being on a Friday this year....extending the festivities into Saturday not only makes Irish eyes smile a little brighter it gives us all a chance to utilize a full day to gather up and make a difference while we sweep out Old Man Winter and welcome Spring....we hope....maybe....then again, it is March in Michigan....Mother Nature makes the rules.  

The 10 year mark is being met this year for the JCI of Greater Muskegon St. Patrick's Day Parade. Right up front will be the families of No More Sidelines as the Grand Marshalls with a little help from a guy and his wife in a spashy looking truck.   This is the one parade that anyone can be in, so long as you sign up in advance and bring one non perishable food item in per participant to benefit the Mission for Area People Food Pantry.  That's right....if you ever had the burning desire to be in a parade....here's your chance!  It's part of a day filled with activity and things to do.  The Shamrock Shuffle put on by Run Muskegon get's things underway first with a 5k at 10a.  Then we're on to the Parade at 11 which will be up Western Avenue and for an afterglow, you'll find Shamrockin' Your Shanty happening on parts of Western Ave.  It's a day filled with Downtown Muskegon fun while supporting an amazing food pantry and all of the wonderful food, fun and libation you'll find in the Social District in Downtown Muskegon.  To register for the parade or reserve a spot for the Shamrockin' Your Shanty event CLICK HERE.

Jessie Wilde is part of JCI of Greater Muskegon and she's new to ThrivePOP in Downtown Muskegon.  We met up at her "HQ" where the atmosphere is calming, the work is amazing and the mission is one of both drive and purpose.  She's got the 4-1-1 in the 231 on the parade, JCI Muskegon as all of the good that comes of one day when we all dig in and do a little more.  Take a listen.



No matter your reason for wanting to be a part of St. Patrick's Day festivities, you are in the right place to do it!  We've mastered the art of combining party with purpose and if you've followed our work over the years, you know that Mission for Area People is near and dear!  Be in the parade!  Come watch the parade!  Bring some non perishable donations and plan on a day Social Districitng  in Downtown Muskegon to celebrate the Wearing of the Green, spring, supporting a food pantry, a great run, an amazing organization or whatever you'd like!  We'll see you March 18th! 

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