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The care of our rapidly growing older population is the goal of AgeWell Services.  They work hand in hand with multiple agencies in the Muskegon area to assure that needs are met including Meals on Wheels which for some of our senior citizens of Muskegon, Oceana and Ottawa Counties are the life giving access to healthy food and quite possibly that one visit from someone else to check up on those getting the meals that they get in a week.  We've talked all about the Meals on Wheels program before, it's essential service for those who have gone before us. 

Sure, it's got a fun twist to it like most everything in Muskegon is famous for, but it's mission critical as AgeWell has become so much more than just a meal service.  Operating a Wellness Program, Senior Transportation for medical services, Discount Dining options, Elder Abuse Awareness programs and more, AgeWell has become an essential service on so many levels to so many people and as our population continues to grow older, the need for their services will only increase.  It's on us all now to not only take care of those who saw to our best interests when we were young, it's us laying the groundwork for these kinds of programs as we age too, and will come to need this kind of help in a fairly short amount of time.

Heels for Meals and More expanded the base of what the event was all about a year or so ago to encompass more than just the Meal on Wheels program.  The event is by far and away one of the most entertaining and engaging events in the course of the year with people highlighting their shoes...how their shoes have flair and fun, how they are decorated, curated and celebrated and strutted about.  The Trillium Events Center will be the host of the party this year on April 22nd and Norton Shores Mayor Gary Nelund and Andy O from the Muskegon Channel will be your evening's hosts!  Gary is still working toward his junior emcee badge, and it's a good time for him to learn and grow with Andy.  You can enjoy the live auction, the silent auction.  The signature drink in hand painted glasses, shoe events and live music all night!

Alicia Roberts is the Marketing Director for AgeWell.  She invited Andy down for a visit to give you all the 4-1-1 in the 231 on the event and how you can GET TICKETS OR BE A SPONSOR.  Take a listen. 



Let's do it! It's really a great time and the cause couldn't be more important.  We are coming off an unprecedented time in Muskegon where for years, we circled the wagons like only this community can and it's so much we have to look back on with pride.  We're also seeing a huge turn out for different events and happenings around town that we may have at one point thought "maybe next year" on and came to the realization that it takes a village to make all of this stuff happen.  April 22nd!!  Save the date, get the tickets, be a sponsor if you can and let's pay it forward for the seniors in Muskegon and remind them that we're all right here for them with AgeWell Services.

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