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Marie Cisneros is here to share your March Astrological Forecast in Muskegon By the Stars!


I hope everyone had a chance to see the breathtaking Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on March 1st as well as take advantage of its good luck energy. The stars will be making some important connections this month that have the potential for a lot of changes.

To start with; the Sun enters the sign of Aries, the first sign on the zodiac, on March 20, ushering in the astrological New Year. This can be a magical day of new beginnings, to restart January’s resolutions or make some new ones. The Sun in Aries symbolizes bold action, passion, and fresh starts. It encourages us to be courageous, forge our own paths and go after what we desire. This energy will last until April 20 when Taurus takes over. Then on March 21st the“spring equinox”and the first day of spring arrives, symbolizing new life and hope.

On March 23rd, Pluto will be in Aquarius until June 11. With this placement, dramatic or unusual situations with friends or networks may be possible; politics and social structures are still a major sticking point as we seek reform in these areas. There is a potential for having to confront issues of control or unchecked power. On March 7, Saturn will make its biggest astrological shift in 27 years when it enters the constellation Pisces. It will stay in this sign until 2026 and has the potential for profound changes, both in our own lives as well as collectively. Those born with Saturn in Pisces may feel its effects a bit more.

To the ancients, Saturn was known as Cronus; “The Father of Time.” It is the planet of karma, structure, responsibility and limitations. Symbolically, Saturn presents the hardest challenges but also brings the greatest benefit; if we heed its lessons. It represents rules and regulations as well as responsibilities and obligations. Over the last six years, was in Capricorn, then in Aquarius; both of which brought limitations, rules, and unusual, unprecedented reality-checks. This position is going to be a lot different for Saturn, as Pisces is a water sign. These are polar opposites, so we may need to work through some frustrations until we learn to embrace both energies. Saturn, the stern teacher; is not comfortable in emotional and changeable Pisces. Saturn likes things organized and structured; Pisces goes with the flow; sometimes in different directions at the same time.

As Saturn gets comfortable swimming in Pisces watery energy; the limitations that have served to constrict us over the last six years will slowly thaw; giving the signs the drive and freedom to dream big and think outside the box. Increased creativity as well as fortitude and persistence will come into focus.

Saturn is the organizer of the zodiac and has the potential to bring needed structure in our lives that were previously in disarray. But we should be aware of the potential for escaping into fantasy, depression, or self-pity; which are some of Pisces negative energies. Trusting our intuition may help us avoid the tendency to worry, fret, or dwell on past mistakes. Saturn in Pisces will challenge us to learn to let go of the past and take constructive action in the present, in order to build a positive future. So while this transit may not all be sunshine, roses and puppy dogs; it has the capacity for bringing positive change.

Next month will be Saturn in Pisces part II and what it means for the signs!

Remember…”The stars impel they do not compel and what you do is really up to you.” Namaste.

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