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A couple of weeks ago, Jodi was on assignment.  We have a treat for you.  Jodi took off to the UP and by the UP we mean WAY up into the UP in Calumet.  The Copper Dog 150 was the destination and if you've never heard of it, well, welcome to this weeks episode of Dog Blessed.

The Copper Dog 150 is a completely volunteer based operation that's put on to celebrate "charitable, educational and benevolent activities dedicated to the enrichment, development, and vitality of communities, natural resources and trail systems in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula through world-class events, creating informational and educational opportunities, encouraging national recognition, specifically with respect to advancing national and international sled dog sports including sled dog racing and an understanding of the historic role of sled dogs in a natural environment."  That's from their website.  Pictures of this quaint community online show that it's a charming spot with a population of about 604 people according to the 21 stats.  It swells considerably during the race.

Mushers come in from all over to participate in three levels of races and like any small community, the benefits extend well into the community giving the area business a chance to put their best foot forward to entertain and welcome those in to visit.  A swell of visitors to a local economy like this is huge when tourism might be a little lower and a great way to jump start into that spring and summer travel season.

We're going to let Jodi take it from here.  It's a little longer report, but being out on the road, let's get it all in from the Copper Dog 150. 


Jodi went above and beyond for this one and we're so thankful that her "filling her cup" equates out to us being able to see and meet some of the participants as well as the organizers of the event all the way up at the very top of the state! What a special treat for us all do see and feel the impact of dogs and dog lovers in a community that seems an entire world away, but is literally right here where we call home.  With an average of more than 162 inches of snow a year, congratulations to Calumet on finding a way to bring so many people and pets together.  Our thanks again to Jodi for making such a memorable trip something for us all to see on Dog Blessed. 

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