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It's episode 55 of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel brought to you by Clock Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs pet boutique in Grand Haven.  Jodi is at Must Love Dogs this week with owner Tonya Christiansen to discuss a Titer Test for your pet.

If you are unfamiliar, a Titer Test is used to measure the amount and presence of antibodies in blood.  Why would this be helpful?  Well, it's a way to know if you or in our case here this week, your pet has enough immunity in their system to fight off a disease or if it's time for a booster or immunization.  There are people who limit the amount of what's put in to them and pets for a number of reasons and to keep the "toxicity" levels low is one of the main reasons discussed in this weeks segment.  With an immunization, the prevention or treatment is delivered, but there are also other elements that can be stressors in the system that take a while to dissipate.  There are also detox products that are available to help if the medicine is needed to keep the meds, but work some of the other elements out. 

With a Titer Test, the levels of the blood are measured in advance to let you know if more is needed, or if you are safe where you are.  A Titer Test too is acceptable in some areas where you need to prove that your pet is up to date on their shots for safety reasons, but this is a subjective call and Jodi and Tonya discuss it in depth.  Take a listen and learn a little more about what this test is and how you can use it if you like. 


It's an option you maybe have not known about and one to consider if you are not one to want to over do it with medications in a pet.  Maybe they are an older pet?  Sensitive to meds?  Maybe is a very strong medication like it takes for our buddy Olaf and the heartworm problems?  Information is presented, make sure you talk with your vet on any decisions.  Our thanks to Tonya for her incredible knowledge on this weeks episode. 

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