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It's the "Fastest two minutes in fundraising" it's said and this year the wonderful fun on the Kentucky Derby will be the focal point of the party with Pioneer Resources when Hats and Horses happens at the Bella Maria Event Center on May 6th at 5p.


Jill Bonthuis and Rachel Gorman join us from the Transportation Center of Pioneer Resources to talk about this years grand affair.  If you've never taken a drive past Pioneer Resources Transportation Center, it's a site to behold.  We see so many vehicles of their fleet on the roads, to see them all concentrated in one sport is really an overwhelming experience and gives you a concentrated view of just how many people are served by Pioneer Resources in a given day, week or month. 

From their website - "Pioneer Resources began as an unincorporated association of parents and educators in the late 1940s, operating as Pioneer School and providing special education and therapy. In 1955, the agency became a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation called Western Michigan Center for Handicapped Children, Inc. As special education and mental health services grew and expanded in the public sector, the organization evolved into Pioneer Resources, Inc."  Today, they offer services directed at supportive housing, autism services, transportation and employment help, low income housing and programs for seniors.  The scope of service going on at Pioneer Resources is something to take great pride in when it come to "Made in Muskegon"

The party?  Well, of course there's the Kentucky Derby.  There will be amazing food by Bella Maria, entertainment and of course, a theme of mint julips and big fancy hats.  They will have horse greeters on site so you can enjoy a beautiful photo as a keepsake of the evening and the infamous "Wheelbarrow Full of Booze" will go home with someone!

GET YOUR TICKETS right here!  Enjoy a great night filled with purpose behind some of the best people both serving and being served in our community.  This is one of the organizations that makes Muskegon shine and is an example of leading by example!  Be at Bella Maria on May 6th for the fun.