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Sighthounds, also known as gazehounds, are a group of canines unlike any other in the dog world. As their name would suggest, their sight is second to none. They rely on this superior vision and their extreme speed to hunt fast-moving animals such as rabbits and deer.  Jodi is going to spend a few weeks introducing us to different breeds of dogs so we can better learn how they are in a home setting.


Beginning this week with a visit to Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven where Tonya Christiansen brings in Talco who is a Podenco.  As a breed, podencos are some of the friendliest dogs you are ever likely to meet. They are very sociable with other dogs as they are typically kept in small packs for hunting. They can also be small pet friendly and are tested before being placed into forever homes.  Tonya has had other sighthounds in the past and some of them are a little more clever than pet owner think and some of the athletics that these animals can perform will leave you stunned.  A baby gate keeping them in the kitchen is probably not quite enough if you are thinking of a pet like this.  A 6 foot fence in the back yard might even be a little bit of an under service too.  

It goes back to our very first episode of Dog Blessed.  Know your breed.  Make sure you research what kind of dog you are thinking about and what their natural instincts are.  The long term goal is the best life for you and your pet and let's say you pick out a dog that needs a lot of area to burn off energy and you are in a small apartment.....or maybe you've got a desire for a tea cup size pet and 10 acres to roam?  Pretty sure the dog won't mind roaming, but the chance of finding "peanut" in 10 wooded acres?  You get the idea.  Just be wise before you adopt.  It's as simple as that. 

Our thanks to Clock Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven for bringing you Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel. 

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