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Making sure your dog is properly socialized is a key role in the development of their lives, and yours with them.  Getting pets used to things like noises, distractions, other people and animals and more takes some effort, but where and when is a good place to practice so many challenging "manners".  Well, in Whitehall, there's a spot called the Gnarly Heifer who can help out with that quick fast and in a hurry. 


Opening about a year ago, the Gnarly Heifer in Whitehall is Kara Smith's dream come true.  Before the camera rolled, she said in amazement that she can't believe the success that they have found in the quaint community and the level of commitment that their customers continue to show.  Offering both inside seating and a spacious patio for people to enjoy some of their top menu items like the "Shroomalicious" and the "Rowdy Rancher" gourmet burgers as well as wraps, sammiches, soups and fries.  A kids menu and even a special menu for 4 legged friends who visit the porch, you are not going to find "average" anything at the Gnarly Heifer.  It's quality and community at every level.  That's where things start to fall in to place this week.

Not only is the porch a great place to bring your dog to kinda try out being in public and around all that stimuli.... it's a place to support as well as they are hosting an event coming up on July 1st to benefit Big Lake Humane!  Jodi brings in her partner Paula Smith from Dog Blessed this week to share some thoughts on socializing your pet as well as the event coming up at the beginning of July.  It's an episode packed with love...and lots of flavor so take a good listen and you'll even get a peek at the special menu just for your dog!

Our thanks to Kara and staff at the Gnarly Heifer.  You'll find them ONLINE FOR ORDERING HERE.  Their FACEBOOK PAGE is a great way to stay up to date on what there is going on like the benefit for Big Lake Humane on July 1st and other specials too! 

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