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If you've never heard of Extreme Mountain Trail, good news!  Here's your introduction!  Extreme Mountain Trail is a horse park in Holland that was being used for the day as a dog course to help raise a little money for the organization and give dogs and owners a chance to enjoy the amenities that are available for the equine set.  Kris Lamb wears many hats at the trail and she's joining Jodi this week to talk about the park and it's purpose and we show you how the dogs make use of the grounds too. 


While the horses are generally the users of the facility, the dogs and their owners on the grounds provides not only a great way for Extreme Mountain Trail to help fund their work, it's a great place to give your dog purpose.  Be it playing, running, working or doing what they have come natural, a dog has purpose.  Jodi and Paula have talked in the past about different breeds and how they were developed with a task in mind over the years, and part of that instinct carries on into today.  Allowing them the space and place to be "who they are" is part of the natural life of the dog and it's a way to let them feel whole. 

The mission as always is to give you and your pet the best life together possible and knowing there's a resource like the Extreme Mountain Trail out there is an awesome endeavor on Jodi's part to expand the life you share with your pet!  Thus the name "Dog Blessed".  It's also a place to work on some of what she and Paula are so passionate about when it comes to that supplemental stimulation that dogs need.  They host all kinds of fun competitions for speed, agility, scent work and more and while you see the show here weekly, the real experience is in person to learn more one on one with your dog and with other owners and pets too!  You should visit the Dog Blessed website to learn more!

Our thanks to Extreme Mountain Park for having us out and to Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven for their support of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel.  

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