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Dog Blessed is all about people and pets living their best lives together.  Well, when that time is up for one half of that combination, it's a crushing defeat to all.  Paula Smith is the less seen half of the Dog Blessed family but, she's a big part of all of it, and her dog Pepper recently made the trip to the rainbow bridge after a wonderful life in companionship and competition as being a border collie often tends to lend itself to just that kind of life.


To honor Pepper this week, Jodi and Paula are at a Dog Blessed CPE Event showing some of what goes on with these incredible dogs and some other breeds that enjoy the sport. CPE stands for Canine Performance Event and it's where dogs of all kinds can practice the "fun stuff" like agility, scent and speedway activities.  It's an amazing way to keep your dog active and engaged, while also spending time bonding with them and assuring them that the relationship with you is one of equal participation.  Pepper was amazing at events like this and....spent a lot of time not only winning ribbons, but helping to advance the Midwest Border Collie Rescue where she came from.  

You'll see this week that dogs of any breed can participate and that not only is it a great bonding time for you and your pet, it's a great way to meet others who enjoy the same and who knows....as your appreciation and fun grows, maybe one day all of this goes on in your back yard.  It's a great talk too this week, between two friends who share such an intimate relationship with one another and their pets that it truly comes out as one of the best episodes yet.  

Our thanks to Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven and Clock Timeless Pets for their support of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel.

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