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Kids and pets go hand in hand.  There's a special relationship between children and animals that is a tale as old as time, and not many of us can think back over our lives without the memory of a pet of ours or a neighbors that was a true standout for entertainment and companionship.  This week, Jodi and Paula have enlisted the help of a couple of grands to show you some great activities and best practices to make your kids and pets time together as great as it can be.  There are also some pretty great ways here to help your kids get familiar with a dog they may not know. 


Like fish to water, kids are all about pets.  There are some ways however that things can not only get better for kids and pets as they interact.  What looks like work to you and me can be a form of attention and discipline for both the child and the pet as they work to do "tricks" which are really naturally stimulating for the pet and for the child, they are a practice in patience and perseverance.  It's also a great way to help you child develop self confidence and ability to show their work, because who doesn't love to show off what their pet can do?  The time spent between kid and pet is priceless and Jodi and Paula are showing you this week.

Also, kids and pets create excitement!  What's the best way to help your child understand what it is to meet a stranger of an animal?  Well, it's all detailed here this week by experts who really understand the best practices and believe in the over all benefit of the human/animal experience.

Dog Blessed is brought to you by Clock Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven!  We're thankful for their commitment to bringing you this weekly series with Jodi and Paula.  

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