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We had an amazing turnout for the Lakeshore Art Festival this past weekend Downtown Muskegon.  In fact, the entire area was buzzing with incredible things to do, be a part of and enjoy as the summer of 2023 continues to march toward the best on record in Muskegon.  Our community staples are still strong too, as Party in the Park takes a break when bigger events need the space, but it's right back when the time to gather as a community and just relax is upon us.



Our weekly party, well, it's a cleverly disguised fundraiser for the non profit organizations in town.  For 39 years Muskegon has been so good at circling the wagons and taking care of our own, we've even gotten to the point of making weekly events out of ways to help.  Organizations like the Women's Division Chamber of Commerce are lined up and provide the help to make the party run, and they are be beneficiary of the proceeds from the sales that night.  Pretty simple right?  If you are familiar with the WDCC you know that they are a powerhouse for great things happening in Muskegon and that their events take care of a LOT of need.

Erin VanderWeir was recently elected as the President of the organization.  She's joining me at one of her families business, Uganski Roll Off and Recycling.  Their vision is this...."Supporting local non-profits and community projects, encouraging community participation in our events and programs, providing scholarships to students for their higher education goals,  enhancing and beautifying our neighborhoods and community, continuing our heritage of inspiring volunteerism and leadership, leaving a legacy of enduring contributions to our community."  Their events like Dancing with the Local Stars, The Trinkets and Treasures sale and this year, the $100K celebration insure that food pantries are filled and good happens here in town. 

The fun Friday?  It's free to get in to and you can bet that I'll have a hundred bucks in pocket for a chance at that big raffle win!!  We'll look forward to the AWESOME music of Magic Bus.  They are a 60's-70's Woodstock Era classic rock band and they are perfect!  Everything gets underway at 5 and wraps up at 9.  Let's hang and have a great time at Hackley Park in Downtown  Muskegon.  


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