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A 17 year absence of an amazing event that was held so dear by an entire community is a long time.  The return of that event is a new beginning from every angle and with the Wings over Muskegon Airshow coming July 7th through the 9th we're ahead of the game to a degree because we're already moving at a lightning pace with our summer.  One thing that will grab your attention quick on this event, kids 15 and under are free!  Muskegon County Airport Executive Director Ken Efting dropped that one on me today.....I thought I knew everything going on, guess not. 


While different than what so many remember, different isn't bad.  The original Air Fair didn't begin with all the big acts and car eating robots and jet powered semi's and stuff.  It started off a little smaller scale and grew.  There were vendors and displays, awesome planes and demonstration teams, food and drink of course.  It took a little time and a lot of energy to get the show up to what it was when the curtain dropped.  The Wings over Muskegon show begins with a little more emphasis on history and hands on activity and opportunity to fly in living history if you choose to with the Yankee Air Museum being the anchor of the show and their historic aircraft coming to town to both fly and give a chance for people to experience themselves.

There will be the A-10 team on hand.  That's the Warthog.  It's a wicked plane.  A MIG is scheduled to be there flying...how often do you get to see that?  The Hooligans Flight Team, Rob Holland Aerobatics, A P-51 Mustang, and Ed Hamill in his Bi-Plane.  Static displays on the ground are a B-25, UH-60 and HC-144.  Rides?  Yes!  Book one!!  How about a ride in a Huey?  B-17? B-25?  C-47 is awesome too and they are once in a lifetime experiences for anyone.

The kids 15 and under idea is amazing.  To inspire young minds is part of that.  It's literally a history lesson in everything STEM related and to show young people how we got to where we are now is an important part of their learning.  Why?  Simple, the world is drowning in information.  We're a little short on wisdom.  Wisdom is found through an appreciation for history and Muskegon County and the Yankee Air Museum know that.  Bring those kids.

Tickets are still available!  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOURS!  Let's get this thing sold out, and let's get it back to building what "was" when the old airshow closed up years ago.  We build together in Muskegon! 

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