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You'd think that this would be the episode that comes across as "THE 4TH IS HERE...DON'T SHOOT OFF FIREWORKS".  Well, it's not, really.  Yes, there are a lot of dogs that are highly reactive to loud noises and the 4th and other holidays where fireworks are legal in Michigan can be a very stressful time for pets.



Courtesy is of course, the first line.  If you enjoy fireworks it's really not too much to ask to let the neighbors know that you're going to be setting some off and that there will be some noise.  That would give them an opportunity to explain to you that they may have someone there who's not too comfortable with fireworks for any number of reasons or at minimum, they can get a reactive pet to a part of the house where noise might be minimal or maybe even over to visit as the "grand dog" where it might be quieter.  Neighbors talking to one another?  It's the new thing.  Everyone is doing it.

What about a spooked pet that gets away?  Well, Jodi is sharing some options and ideas this week about recovery of that pet and some best practices of that if they are chipped or not.  She's also got some tips and tricks about your pet in the summer like keeping them free of pesticides that may be used on neighbors lawns or gardens.....not that your pet would get in there, but...it's important to clean them paws before they get licked and, it's even a challenge to condition a pet to allow you to touch their paws sometimes.  Through all of this, Olaf.....is Mr. Chill!  

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