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Life has gotten a little busy and being a couple days late with the Muskegon By the Stars Astrological Forecast is only the fault of the editor!  Marie has filed a great report to catch you up on your horiscope!  Take a listen. 


It’s a tad bit late but here is the “Muskegon by the Stars” forecast for June! (better late than never right?) So last time I focused on Pluto in Aquarius and the plan was to cover what that meant for the individual signs this time around. Unfortunately due to computer glitches, I wasn’t able get my report finished before Pluto went back into Capricorn where it will be until January, 2024. I feel it will be more meaningful when the transit is actually happening than going ahead with it now. For this reason, I be focusing on another very important transit; that of Chiron, the wounded warrior.

Chiron is a minor planet with an erratic orbit alternating between restricting Saturn and unpredictable Uranus. In Greek mythology, Chiron was the centaur who was a healer and teacher who, paradoxically, could not heal himself. In a birth chart, Chiron symbolizes our deepest psychic wounds and our efforts to heal them. Chiron shows where we have healing powers as the result of these deep spiritual wounds once we work through them. It can show us where we may shoot ourselves in the foot, symbolically or where we continue to nurse an unhealed wound. Chiron’s transits show us our progress as well as time triggers. This transit will last anywhere from two to eight years and is currently in the sign of Aries. This segment will cover the first six signs and July’s will cover the last six.

Here is what Chiron means for signs Aries through Virgo.

ARIES: Being both in Aries and in your first house, this is an especially important transit for you, Aries. Your deepest feelings regarding yourself may alter, causing you to undergo a period of re-examination and adjustment. It may be a time of getting in touch with painful insights on your self-image and how you project it to the world. These may be based on old thought patterns or unhealed trauma buried in the depths of your psyche. Either way, there is likely to be wounding but also healing in these areas during the course of this transit. You are being called on to realize your true self during this time. And it can be done, but first you must let go of the past.

TAURUS: During this transit you may find that you are not at home in the world of physical manifestation, and may seek to define yourself in terms of your own private world. You may search for a reason for this kind of out-of-touch behavior, so it’s important to trust your inner process at this time and let it take you where it wants to go. The old psychic wounds from your childhood that have been locked away in your psyche may come up at this time and have an effect on your conscious life. But if you face them with understanding, they will cease to prevent you from the fullest expression of your higher self.

GEMINI: This transit will bring focus on your friendships, affiliations, and groups. At this time, you may undergo some rather painful insights leading you to make changes in this area also. You are in the process of transforming your sense of your own individual creativity, apart from the group. There may some suffering associated with this though, as change never comes easily. You may also be more future-oriented, and put greater energy into expressing your goals, especially with regard to social issues. Your task is to make conscious choices and to become more aware of your true objectives, for yourself and for society at large.

CANCER: Your professional career or self-concept may alter, causing you to reexamine and seek a better understanding of your true calling, and find a path that fully expresses the intent that brought you into this life. Old wounds that seem to inhibit you from expressing yourself may come up. Issues with the parental care and authority experienced in childhood may also come into focus. Revisiting these can be painful, but when you work through them you will find your real place in the world, independent of society or any other factor that does not spring from your inner light.

LEO: During this transit your entire self-concept may undergo transformation. The polarity of self-acceptance and being comfortable in the world versus rejection by self and others is really "up" for you during this time and you may come in touch with how the world sees you. Painful early experiences that went unacknowledged may arise now in order to move through them and provide healing. Through creativity, you may be able to fully express them consciously. Letting them out in a positive, creative way may enable you to fully heal these long buried wounds.

VIRGO: During this transit examining issues with intimacy between yourself and a significant other may come up. But working through these may bring needed changes in how to connect with your partner. Eventually you will experience a renewal of this relationship energy, as you come to terms with outmoded influences that no longer serve you. This may be the time to connect with the dark areas of your psyche, long suppressed, when you formed the model for how you relate to your intimate partners today. Unlocking and exploring these feelings, while painful, can be incredibly rewarding.

That wraps up how Chiron affects Aries through Virgo. Next time I’ll be focusing on what Chiron in Aries will mean for Libra through Pisces. Until then, please remember…”The stars impel they do not compel and what you do is really up to you.” Namaste. Thanks for watching the Muskegon Channel! See you next time on Muskegon by the Stars!

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