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Friday night July 7th - Hackley Park in Beautiful Downtown Muskegon it's going to be another incredible evening of music, friends and fun as Party in the Park welcomes The North 41 and Crossroads on the stage and the park will be filled with help from the Muskegon Sports Council.  What sets this one a part?  Two of the most endeared and rapidly growing attractions in town coming together is what jumps out immediately.  Our Downtown Muskegon Area and the Muskegon Sports Complex, which used to be just the "Winter Sports Complex".  Bill Bailey helps explain how it's become a year round sports complex! 


Even the ride to the Muskegon Sports Complex sets the tone for the experience.  The curvy road and the rolling hills are a first step to changing your mindset.  It's a great way to cleanse kids of the idea of electronics and phones and have them set their sites on things like trees, dunes and experiences other than TicTok.  In years past, it was a winter destination but the group that runs this treasure of our county has been at it for a few yearss adding all season amenities that attract adventurers from all over the area and region.

From giant rock climbing walls to a summer rolling luge track, archery and tree top canopy tours on zip lines, the Muskegon Sports Complex has blossomed into a year round not for profit place where no matter your preference for fun, a stroll or something extreme.... it's right there.  If you are camping at the State Park across the street or just coming in from Fruitport for the day, the Muskegon Sports Complex offers it all.

It's a dedicated group that have made this all happen too.  Some of which all maintain jobs outside of their work at the Complex and volunteer their time to make this incredible place "ours".  If you are in support of such a thing and would like to do your part without really breaking your back, hey...it's only a matter of Hackley Park, Friday from 5-9 in Downtown Muskegon!  We'll plan on seeing you there. 

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