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Our county is always what comes to mind when we use the term "Muskegon".  We are diverse in so many ways, and "diversity" isn't just a term that gets batted around when it comes to color.  We are a county of agriculture as much as we are one of tourism and industry and to get a chance to drive out to Ravenna in any time of the growing season is a treat that anyone should take advantage of.  From the apple blossoms in the spring, to the rust of fall and the harvest, the agricultural contributions in Muskegon County were $91 Million dollars.....in 2012.  Think of how much that has gone up to by now?  Ravenna is an important part of our community.



Like any other corner of the county, Ravenna likes to cut loose for a bit in the summer, and Dog Daze is the way that's done!  Put on with a lot of help from the Ravenna Lions Club, it's a Friday for the whole family right smack dab in the middle of town with all of the fun small town atmosphere and charm you'd expect and some events specially focused on kids that will make it memorable for them too.  Family in Ravenna is a big deal and to make sure kids are included is important.  There will be a special kids concert featuring Gemini Music and Entertainment for families and kids at 6:30p that evening.  While that's happening, you'll find a car show that actually got so big last year they had to shimmy and shake to find a spot for everyone.  This year, they have made accommodations to have room for more.  After the kids concert finishes up, the entertainment takes a little more grown up twist with the beer tent and music getting a little louder and something other than red pop being served.

Back to the kids though.  Chris Fortier is with the Ravenna Lions Club and with sight being one of their primary objectives as a service organization, they will have an opportunity for your kids to have their eyes checked at the festival which is an amazing give for those who might not otherwise be able to see an eye doctor.  As long as we're going all in on kids have you heard of Isolde Deal?  She's the 16 year old that is out to "Sock it to Homelessness".  Yes, she's collecting socks to donate to the homeless as they are generally the most needed item for their situation.  She's going to be on site in Ravenna collecting that day and it's not only a great chance to help contribute, but meet a young woman with a remarkably bright future.  We are blessed to have good and caring youth all over around here.  No matter the zip code, doing the right thing for others is what Muskegon County does best.  

It's a remarkable blend of two worlds in one county.  From the pastures, fields and orchards inland and the magnificent shores of Lake Michigan, we've got so much to be proud of.  Make sure that you set aside some time to whoop it up out in Ravenna on July 21st.  You'll be glad you did!  

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